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About Waste into Water

Founded in 2012, Waste into Water aims to provide solutions to waste waters in mobile locations. We provide mobile waste water treatment plants, temporary waste systems and networks, and waste water tankering. We treat the waste water back to drinking water so that it can be recycled either back to potable water systems or back into the environment.

Waste into Water provides portable wastewater treatment systems for decentralised and remote applications. Smart, self-sustaining, and portable, the Waste into Water wastewater treatment system offers a more reliable and cost-effective alternative for wastewater treatment needs, as well as a potential solution for disaster relief efforts worldwide.


• Treatment plants and networks operational within 24 hours.
• Small footprint and fully portable systems.
Waste into Water offers transportable methods for wastewater treatment anywhere in the UK and worldwide. Each system is designed for easy transportation including road, rail and sea.


• Strong R&D and Engineering for unique applications.
• Remediation of event, industrial, agricultural and disaster relief wastes
Waste into Water’s business is the treatment of wastewater, and this can be extended to a wide range of applications. From music festivals for 100,000 people to disaster relief in 3rd world countries, Waste into Water can meet your requirements.


• Single unit systems range from 1000 gpd to 120,000 gallons per day
• Modular and configured for bespoke applications
Waste into Water hires and leases a range of treatment units capable of handling the smallest to the largest wastewater streams. Additionally, multiple units can be combined to handle very large flow rates.