Founded in 2012, Waste into Water aims to provide solutions to waste waters in mobile locations. We provide mobile waste water treatment plants, temporary waste systems and networks, and waste water tankering. We treat the waste water back to drinking water so that it can be recycled either back to potable water systems or back into the environment.

Waste into Water provides portable wastewater treatment systems for decentralised and remote applications. Smart, self-sustaining, and portable, the Waste into Water wastewater treatment system offers a more reliable and cost-effective alternative for wastewater treatment needs, as well as a potential solution for disaster relief efforts worldwide.

We have extensive experience in both designing and operating temporary systems at temporary venues in the UK and can supply turnkey solution for removal of the wastewater and sewage. We also work with some of the leading cabin providers in the UK to recycle water for flushing loos to provide a better customer experience at festivals and events in the UK.

Please get in contact to discuss how we can work with your festival, event or temporary site to safely collect and recycle your wastewater. Please do get in touch via the contact us page.