Waste into Water are specialists in all types of events and temporary sewage and waste networks. We take liquid waste from loos, catering and showers and put it through our specialist mobile treatment plant turning it into water that is safe for discharge back into the local environment.

We can even treat it back to potable standards should it be needed by using a mobile reverse osmosis plant.

We remove the need for you to tanker your waste off site to the local treatment plant, and thus not only reduce your haulage and treatment bill, but also increase your event or venues green credentials by reducing the carbon footprint. The resulting by product of clean water can be used for local irrigation and the solid sludge that remains can be spread onto the land under the safe sludge matrix.

We have many years experience in designing, installing and running temporary sewage networks for many leading UK events and portable building companies. We use this experience to ensure that your temporary event can safely move and discharge its liquid waste whatever your sites location.

If you would like to find out if Waste into Water can help your event or temporary venue reduce its waste water treatment bill then please do get in touch via the contact us page.