Temporary Treatment Plant

Our large scale temporary treatment plant is housed in two 40' RORO containers that combine to treat 60,000 gallons of liquid waste a day. We use our own blend of naturally occurring bacteria to turn sewage into water suitable for discharge into the natural environment.

Waste into Water will handle all aspects of the treatment for getting discharge consent from the local authority to treatment and disposal of the sludge in line with the safe sludge matrix back on the land. Nothing goes to landfill and we use a third party provider to recycle the rag and trash that is removed from liquid during the first stage of treatment.

De-centralised Waste Water Treatment Plants

Our de-centralised waste water treatment plants are perfect for long term installations where there is a constant flow of liquid waste that needs to be safely disposed of. This would include construction sites where there is no infrastructure and a septic tank system is currently in place.

Waste into Water can provide treatment plants in 10,000 litre tanks that will treat all the loo, shower and kitchen liquid waste back into a state that can be safely discharged to the land. The water can also be recycled for use in flushing loos, preferred to plastic loos by the HSE for welfare facilities, and Waste into Water can provide the know how and equipment to carry this out.

If you would like to know more about our treatment plants, request a site visit or a quote then please contact us now.